Sweda WFH Flipbook

Looking for ways to motivate, thank, and reach out to employees and customers working from home?  Sweda has put together a beautiful collection of products to help navigate our new business environment.

Antimicrobial Touch Free Keytag

Minimize surface contact and reduce transmission of germs and bacteria by keeping your hands from touching common surfaces such as doors, push buttons, and touch screens.  Full color deco available.


Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer

Sanitize your phone and other small devices in just minutes with Sweda's new sanitizer.  It kills 99.99% of the most common surface bacteria.

Perfect Protection Kit

Put your mind at ease when in public with Sweda's compact and easy to carry PPE kit.  Each kit includes a 2 oz. bottle of sanitizer, disposable 3 ply mask, and a pair of multi-purpose, power/latex free nitrile gloves.

Sweda Gift Sets

Choose from over 40 different gift sets perfect for motivating, thanking, and team building remote clients and customers.  Gift sets range from about $3.00 to just over $50.00

Conference At Home Kit

This kit is perfect for WFH employees.  It includes Sweda's Backroads Tumbler, Mercury Notebook w/Pen, and Benchmark Earbuds for online meetings.

WFH Essentials Gift Set

Setting up your first home workspace? This kit includes all the essentials: The ProBuff Gift set for keeping screens clean, Private Eye/Ear Combo for privacy protection, Recylced MouseMat, USB2theC adapter, and NoWire Wood 10W charging disk. Working from home is about to get easier!

WFH Premium Gift Set

Keep it together, secure, and focused while you work from home.  This Premium Work From Home Kit includes the Costanza Tote, ProBuff Gift Set, Private Eye/Ear Combo, MyVibe Headphones, and the NoWire Charging Mouse Pad.

WFH No Stress Fun Pack

Working from home can be stressful. Why not give a kit that helps take the edge off?  The Work From Home - No Stress Fun Pack includes our best stress relievers: Pearl Putty, Cyber Gel HGX Stress Ball, Coloring Mousepad, and cleans things up with the ProBuff Gift Set. Chill man. 

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